RUPTURE is an immersive 6 channel video and surround sound installation. The installation is on a 13-minute loop and features breath, environmental field recordings and synthesized sound with manipulated environmental and performance video.

Artistic Statement:

Through an immersive video and sound installation, the collaborators-photomedia artist Jessie Boylan, trauma-informed psychotherapist Jenna Tuke, digital media artist Linda Dement, and writer and performer Virginia Barratt-investigate the ways in which the body and the world mimic each other in modes of panic and crisis and how symptoms of ‘disorder’ can be seen as an appropriate response to personal traumas and global catastrophe.

This collaborative exhibition considers panic as both urgency and agency, and asks: how can we engage with our catastrophic times? Can we find methods and modes of “staying with the trouble?”(Haraway, 2016). In our current age of anxiety, global politics, environmental devastation, insecurity and instability pervade our daily lives, we are constantly faced with present and imminent environmental and psychological rupture. In her 2005 book “Empathic Vision”, Jill Bennett describes trauma in an individual as having a “palpable extension in the world” and Caterina Albano considers how anxiety determines “how we see ourselves in the world and within ourselves.”

The panic is immanent: it is the shape of a seizure bumping into language, leaping into a body, becoming-sound in an ictic dance of hands, feet, head – reterritorializing as memetic contagion, sticky abjection – Virginia Barratt